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Turning a Customer into Your Marketing Hero

4.24.2017 | Blog | IT Marketing

In today’s fast-paced B2B space, a lot of companies put most of their focus on acquiring new customers. Of course it’s very important to grow your business, but remember the old adage: 80% of your ...

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How to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a B2B Sales Organization? Part One: SEO Strategy Development


At RainKing, our sales intelligence software has allowed us to develop an expertise in marketing for B2B sales, and I would like to share a few of the lessons that we have learned through the years.

Deep Dive Into ABM and Client Success

4.17.2017 | Blog | IT Sales | IT Marketing

Take a moment to think about your customers. How did they first find out about your company? How did they start doing business with you? Marketing and Sales teams try to push contacts through the sales funnel, but ultimately, the buyer creates and dictates ...

The Secret to Best-in-Class Customer Success: An Interview with RainKing's Client Success Director, Chelsea Madden

4.17.2017 | Blog | IT Marketing

Once you’ve nurtured your prospects through the buyer’s journey with your tailored account-based marketing and sales efforts, and they sign on as a new account, it’s time for your Client Success team to jump in. If you think the road stops there, think again. ...

Eight Sales Rules to Succeed as an Account Manager

4.11.2017 | Blog | IT Sales

There must be a thousand job titles for a sales professional. Account executive, account manager, representatives of all shapes and sizes, procurement support specialist, etc.—organizations tailor sales titles to the nuanced role of their personnel. At the ...

Where should a B2B start-up spend its marketing dollars for fastest growth?


I have heard the story repeated many times, a young start-up receives Series A funding and excitement is running through the company. Their ideas and hard work have been validated, but now the pressure is on to do two things; improve the product and grow. ...

Launching ABM: 5 Principles to Adopt and 5 Pitfalls to Avoid


Account-based marketing (ABM)is a hot topic … still. ABM ‒ a strategy in which an organization considers individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one and targets them with highly personalized campaigns ‒ retains the substantial industry buzz ...