2017 Budget Allocation

2017 Budget Allocation

12.20.2016 | Blog | Executives | IT Marketing | Budget | by RainKing

RainKing Research tracked IT spending and budget allocation through 2016 and look forward to seeing how the tech budget landscape adjusts in 2017.

In Q4 2016, we surveyed over 200 IT budget holders across multiple industries and asked them where they plan to spend their IT dollars in 2017. As shown in our infographic below, these IT influencers indicate a definite shift from Network spending to Business Intelligence allocation across most of the sectors.

Also, our researchers will not only continue to track spending focus throughout 2017 but will give more insight and detail into the trends we are seeing, for example:what areas of business intelligence will companies be focused on, what's causing the shift, and more.


 Data Collected & Analyzed by the RainKing Analytics Team