Make Every Day Easier with RainKing's Newest Salesforce Upgrades

Make Every Day Easier with RainKing's Newest Salesforce Upgrades

Your time is valuable and we want to help you get the most from every minute you spend in RainKing and in your Salesforce instance. And the more you can work in one platform while leveraging your other sales tools, the more you can focus on your number one priority: selling. Thus, we have made some significant upgrades to our Salesforce integration and are excited to share them with you!

Incorporating Scoops into Your Salesforce Workflow

RainKing’s daily Inside Scoops are invaluable to anyone who wants to beat their competition to the negotiating table, and now you can access them directly from Salesforce. This new feature is included in the ‘RainKing for Salesforce’ managed package on the AppExchange and gives you the following integration upgrades:

  • Search for new scoops directly from Salesforce.
  • When you find a scoop that warrants follow up, you can generate a list of all relevant contacts in the company with one click of a button (‘Find the Best Contacts’).
  • These contacts are automatically ordered according to how strongly their responsibilities match the topic of the scoop.
  • You can apply multiple filters (match strength, management level, job title, keywords) and import the desired records straight into Salesforce as leads or contacts.
  • Now it’s time for follow-up! A task is automatically generated for each lead or contact associated with the scoop you identified, and the scoop information is added to the record for your reference.
  • What if you want to track your activity on the scoops you’ve imported? Easy! A new custom object (‘Inside Scoops’) is included in the package, which lists all imported scoops and the associated people (leads/contacts) assigned for follow-up – providing you with a clear history of activity on said scoop. 

SFDCscoop search results640.png 

Initiate a new scoop search directly from Salesforce


SFDC-people search results640.png

Apply filters to refine your results down to the contacts you want to engage


Accessing RainKing Saved Searches and Groups from Salesforce

Based on the filters and parameters you have defined, your RainKing Searches and Groups identify ideal prospects you may want to engage with. Previously you would have had to recreate these in Salesforce if you wanted to leverage them, but now, they are easily accessible and displayed on the ‘RainKing Search’ homepage in Salesforce. You can even run saved searches and groups straight from Salesforce and import the results directly into Salesforce – all without having to login to RainKing first.

SFDC-rainking scoop search screenshot640.png

Access and run your saved searches straight from the "RainKing Search" homepage


How Can I Get These New Features?

In order to access these new features, you need to execute a quick and simple upgrade that turns them on in Salesforce. Simply visit the RainKing AppExchange listing and download the Upgrade Guide for step by step instructions. 

Need help? Feel free to email us at so a RainKing team member can assist you.


But Wait… There’s more!

To continue to improve your every day workflow, we have made a few additional enhancements:


A New and Improved Workflow for Record Imports

Sending data from RainKing to Salesforce just got better. We’ve improved the workflow of the import process, making it more intuitive and flexible.  This includes an additional validation step to prevent duplicates and the option of adding custom tags “on-the-fly” during the import process, which can be used for assigning records to campaigns.


See More or Less…It’s Up to You

You asked and we listened! You have told us how much you would love to adjust column widths, so with this latest update, we have given you the power to do so. Feel free to adjust column widths on search result pages for improved content visibility so you can quickly digest what you care about most.  


Do You Notice Anything… Different?

In September RainKing launched its new logo and brand, so we’ve updated the ‘RainKing for Salesforce’ integration package to mirror the same new branding across the RainKing product. Enjoy a brighter color scheme with updated Inside Scoop icons and a new logo for your viewing pleasure. That’s right… The RainKing baby has officially been put to bed!


Your RainKing Experience Matters

Updates, enhancements and new features are great, but we need your feedback so we can continue to improve our product and your user experience. Take these upgrades for a spin and let us know what you think by filling out our feedback form here. Your feedback and suggestions are needed and appreciated. Happy Selling!