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Walmart vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS): RainKing uncovers what companies are affected

The opening shot was fired in 1995. When the first suburban shopper bypassed the Best Seller shelf at a friendly neighborhood box store to fire up a 56K modem and order the latest John Grisham novel ...

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Marketing Makes for B2B Sales Teams

At RainKing, our experience in sales intelligence has allowed us to develop an expertise in marketing for B2B sales. This expertise is derived from:

RainKing Solutions Survey Reveals 40% Of Companies Affected by the Amazon Web Services Outage Looking for Another Solution

On February 28th, 2017, Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) felt a healthy dose of reality as its simple storage service, or S3, went down for roughly 4-5 hours.  The outage took out a substantial portion of the Internet.  This isn’t the first-time AWS has had ...

2016 Business Intelligence Spending Report

We interviewed 550+ decision makers regarding their Business Intelligence needs and here is what we found Recently our researchers interviewed over 550 companies and asked them a series of questions about their planned investments in the world of Business ...