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ROI Tracking - Justify Your Spending in 2017

1.23.2017 | Executives | IT Marketing | ROI

It’s now the New Year and you have a whole whiteboard of marketing campaigns to implement, great content to distribute, and new initiatives to take on. But first you have to face your CFO to get the ...

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The Great Sales and Marketing Divide… And How to Solve It

1.16.2017 | Executives | IT Sales | IT Marketing

If you’re in Sales or Marketing, chances are you’ve experienced the love-hate relationship, the sibling rivalry that plagues most Sales and Marketing teams within an organization. Despite both departments having the same end goal of driving revenue and ...

Target Marketing by Persona: Shed Light on Your Shot in the Dark

1.12.2017 | Blog | Executives | IT Sales | IT Marketing

Marketing–with its vast tools for email blasts, twitter posts and paid ads–has made it easy to reach thousands of people with the click of a button. But this method can quickly become more like a shot in the dark than messaging likely to reach a potential ...

Make Every Day Easier with RainKing's Newest Salesforce Upgrades

Your time is valuable and we want to help you get the most from every minute you spend in RainKing and in your Salesforce instance. And the more you can work in one platform while leveraging your other sales tools, the more you can focus on your number one ...

2017 Budget Allocation

12.20.2016 | Blog | Executives | IT Marketing | Budget

RainKing Research tracked IT spending and budget allocation through 2016 and look forward to seeing how the tech budget landscape adjusts in 2017.

The Changing Landscape of Cloud and Mobility Spending

12.13.2016 | Blog | Executives | IT Sales | IT Marketing

The IT industry's dissatisfaction toward localized data storage dominated the latter part of this decade. It’s a traditional type of infrastructure that doesn’t have the direct benefits of the internet.  The “cloud”—a blanket term referring to computing that ...

How RainKing Can Be Used to Achieve Account-Based Marketing

11.28.2016 | Executives | IT Sales | IT Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing approach that can be extremely beneficial for B2B sales organizations. ABM essentially flips the traditional sales funnel, starting with identifying a target account then nurturing and marketing to that account ...