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Deep Dive Into ABM and Client Success

4.17.2017 | Blog | IT Sales | IT Marketing

Take a moment to think about your customers. How did they first find out about your company? How did they start doing business with you? Marketing and Sales teams try to push contacts through the ...

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Eight Sales Rules to Succeed as an Account Manager

4.11.2017 | Blog | IT Sales

There must be a thousand job titles for a sales professional. Account executive, account manager, representatives of all shapes and sizes, procurement support specialist, etc.—organizations tailor sales titles to the nuanced role of their personnel. At the ...

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Marketing Makes for B2B Sales Teams

At RainKing, our experience in sales intelligence has allowed us to develop an expertise in marketing for B2B sales. This expertise is derived from:

RainKing Solutions Survey Reveals 40% Of Companies Affected by the Amazon Web Services Outage Looking for Another Solution

On February 28th, 2017, Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) felt a healthy dose of reality as its simple storage service, or S3, went down for roughly 4-5 hours.  The outage took out a substantial portion of the Internet.  This isn’t the first-time AWS has had ...

Sales Receives an Inbound Lead from Marketing...Now What?

2.23.2017 | IT Sales | IT Marketing

You’ve worked hard creating content that prospects find interesting, are downloading, and now they are hitting your lead scoring threshold. You did it! But what now? Once you hand these Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) over to Sales what happens to them? In ...

Make a Better Lead Scoring Model with Better Data

2.21.2017 | IT Sales | IT Marketing | Strategy

Gathering the correct data for effective lead scoring is a struggle for the vast majority of companies selling B2B products and services. In our blog last week, we discussed progressive profiling which helps Marketers gather that information to help identify ...

The Great Sales and Marketing Divide… And How to Solve It

1.16.2017 | Executives | IT Sales | IT Marketing

If you’re in Sales or Marketing, chances are you’ve experienced the love-hate relationship, the sibling rivalry that plagues most Sales and Marketing teams within an organization. Despite both departments having the same end goal of driving revenue and ...