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ROI Tracking - Justify Your Spending in 2017

1.23.2017 | Executives | IT Marketing | ROI

It’s now the New Year and you have a whole whiteboard of marketing campaigns to implement, great content to distribute, and new initiatives to take on. But first you have to face your CFO to get the ...

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Planning a marketing or sales event? Invite the right people and watch your ROI skyrocket!

Here's a micro-targeting technique that some of RainKing’s most savvy customers are using to get more from their events.

How the RainKing Ripple Effect Can Help Improve Your Data Efficiency

It is no secret that sales and marketing teams spend an exorbitant amount of time Google and LinkedIn searching, researching, list purchasing, and so on - just to capture basic contact information they can use to hopefully get in touch with the right people ...